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Professional appraisers provide appraisals to property owners to help property owners make well-informed real estate decisions. MSM Appraisals is a boutique residential real estate appraisal firm operated by an Appraisal Institute of Canada (AIC) designated Professional Appraiser Canadian Residential Appraiser (P. App. CRA).

Professional appraisers offer unbiased opinion of value during which can often be an emotionally-driven process. Appraisal fee is generally determined by the complexity of the assignment and number of hours required to complete the appraisal. By engaging a third-party valuation expert, property owners and/or investors can be sure that they will have the knowledge required to make an informed real estate decision.

Eleven instances of professional appraiser can assist property owners: 1-Refinance/Re-amortizing 2-Buying a property 3-Selling a property 4-Planning your estate 5-Retirement planning 6-Litigation 7-Property tax assessment appeals 8-Renovating 9-Capital gains 10-Insurance coverage 11-Bankruptcy (consumer proposal).

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